Our Story

Dunloft was founded for the purpose of helping investors invest in our own personal deals. We went through the same learning curve and growing pains that all real estate sponsors and operators go through.  At first, we started with friends and family capital that allowed us to execute on small projects, however, despite having generous friends and family members, the lack of capital placed limitations on our ability to capitalize on additional deals.

As we explored new options, we realized that our current investment process was tedious, unorganized, and time-consuming. We decided to streamline the capital commitment process for investors to spend less time reviewing paperwork, and more time investing in diversified markets and asset classes.

With that said, we are grateful for our current investors that have made it all possible, and look forward to partnering and investing with you on our upcoming projects.


We don’t review thousands of deals. That’s because our deal flow only consists of vetted projects. We are focused and disciplined in the opportunities that we underwrite well before we underwrite them,  therefore saving ourselves and our of investors substantial time.

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